17309956_10209838631694960_1327261348909884823_oBorn in Evreux, France in 1970, I grew up surrounded by a family of photographers. My grand uncle showed us the joy of seeing the world through a lens. When I had to choose a career it wasn’t hard for me to decide that it was going to be in photography.

Expatriate to the US since 92. I graduated from Audio Visual Professional High School and have been carrying a camera since then. After moving the US, I went to study Travel Transportation Career in Omaha.

Throughout the years I open my Photography Business, and volunteer as a USO guide while we were living in Heidelberg, Germany. This time triggered a dream for me. To take small group to France and make them see what I have seen all my life.

Visiting place that aren’t on the most touristic tour guide.

To realized that there is more to France than Paris.

To visit the small typical villages and centuries old ruins that tell the story of France and it’s people.

I am now combining my love of taking pictures and traveling and offering small group a unique travel experience.

Needless to say that I am passionate to be able to take you and to show you my beautiful France.