What is “Hermine” or Why?

Some of you have been asking the question what on earth is “hermine” or what does it mean!

An “Hermine” (ermine in English) is a short-tail weasel (stoat) in winter weather it’s coat will go white except the end of its tail. (That’s the short answer)


If you want the long one continue on if not just skip it!
The reason why I took Hermine Photo as my business name is that the ermine was the symbol of the Duke of Brittany since 1316. I was born and raised in France and my family came from Normandy and Brittany, but we lived in Brittany for the longest part of my life. My grandfather was raised in Brittany and I went to school all the way to the end of my Pro High school in Audio Visual in Brittany. Because it is the symbol of Brittany where my mother and brother still live, but also because it is so much part of my roots and who I am. I am a French Celtic woman and proud of my heritage. So for me, it was just finding a little more “original” business name other then “France Photo” or something in the same taste! Now still in Brittany you can find that symbol. In our Flag but also in our Architecture or Art. You go in Chapel you will find the Hermine, you look at some painting with Kings and Queens of France and you will see that beautiful Fur Coat made from Ermine Fur. The Ermine is a big part of the Breton Heritage! So that’s the long reason why I chose it!

You can find some all of the example of Hermine/Ermine art all over that blog page as well, if you see a little black little weird looking symbol, most likely it is the Ermine that I am talking about… Good luck to find them all, they will be posted all over and probably in shapes that you might not think of! I will try to update a count of all those as my blog grow, maybe I will even give a gift to the one who will find them all… ;0)


My passion for Photography started with the ocean! I love taking pictures of the ocean back home. Mind you, I never saw the ocean from that part of the world, except a little glimpse near Quebec, but it wasn’t really the ocean. Just a large river! ;0)
 And then I went to Italy and fell in love with those beautiful countryside. Fields of Poppies, Tiles rooftop, little village behind olive trees! Just so peaceful
Lake Garda in Northern Italy is just so pretty, the Alps mountain in the background are just perfect for landscape photo shoot.