Our first visit to Prague

Just a little note to join with my pictures of Prague, It was amazing.





We left Heidelberg on the USO bus at 2.30am (yeah you read it right) then we hit a “Stau” (traffic jam) around 3.30 some dude fell asleep on the wheel and hit a US military convoy. No-one got hurt but we did get stuck (really really STUCK, as of not moving 1 inch) for over 3 hours. We finally started moving around again at 7am. NICE!!
We still had 6 hours bus ride, so we didn’t arrive until 1pm.







We were suppose to have a tour of the city with a guide, well since we lost so much time on the bus, we had a 2 hours tour.

After following for about 30mn, it was clear that the guide was in a hurry to show as many things as possible and that we weren’t going to be able to stop and take pictures. At one point, we were following the group (a little behind, but still seeing them) and suddenly they all disappeared.



So Matt and I thought, hmmm to we want to run to find them, or just get lost! We chose to get lost, took our time to go around and I took my pictures.

It was a very nice spring day, we did have some cloud and some sun shine and some rain, but… what a gorgeous city to get lost in!






Lots of Easter Market all over town. So cool!!


A MUST see, a MUST come back and we WILL for sure, and hopefully I will be able to give you a little more info, since I didn’t do much research about the place before we went there. 😉


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