Real Estate photography

I have issue photographing people. I don’t if they are friends, and I know them. But I really don’t care to show them how to pose, how to smile, when to smile… etc.. I guess I am more of a “photojournalist” photographer, where you just click as life pass by. I believe that the REAL you or subject is actually coming out when they are THEM, not stuck in a pose that they wouldn’t even do if they were on their own. So… That’s the reason I tend to not do portraiture anymore.img_8859I was lucky enough to be contacted by Obeo. And I am now working as a freelancer photographer for them in Iowa.img_6098It is a great privilege to be able to help realtor in their client’s sale. It is so much fun to go into people’s home and take pretty pictures for them to list their house. I love to see the divers style of decor that I can see from one house to another. It is great for idea’s! 😉

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So please don’t take it personally if I don’t want to do your family photo, or senior, wedding… anything really! It’s not you… it’s ME!