Sneaky daughter in Brittany

First published May 29th 2011
The 3rd Weekend of May is the Mother’s day weekend! I was going to go visit my mama on the Monday after Mother’s day, but decided instead to surprise her. I called my brother and told him that I was wanted to surprise my “Mutti” on Sunday morning instead of showing up on the Monday evening. So I drove all day on Saturday, arrived in Auray on the evening and went to hide for the night at my brother’s house. We went to my mother’s house on Sunday for lunch, and as my brother and his family got in, I stayed behind and called her from my cell. She answer and I started a conversation with her like, I was just calling her to say Happy Mother’s day! Then I opened the house and asked her on the phone what she was doing? And telling her that I’d rather have a hug in person. She saw me and started crying!! 😦Both my brother and I were shocked that she would react like that, but she was thrilled, and I was happy to have been a sneaky daughter!! 😉
I then stayed all week to help her start with some project of sorting the family paper and archives. And those were just taken during our little break time!
Recreation Plaza in a French Junior High!
(The building is where the class are held) Catholic School (Vannes France)
One of the best delicacy in Brittany France. The Kouign-amann is a super buttery fluffy cake that you will die for! (Best to eat in Brittany warm with a nice view of the ocean!! )
Have some kids that don’t want to share their breakfast bowl with their sibling, a nice litte souvenir from Brittany is a Named one!! Love those!!
Celtic Harpist in Vannes France!
Paper Boat in front of a real one!! Just love the idea!“Celebration” or “Code” flags??Toothbrush?? Anyone??

And of course who could leave without eating the best of Artichoke in all of France?


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