Plzen Czech Republic

First published June 1st 2011
We are on a little vacation with the kidos. So since we were in Grafenworth. we decided to go to Plzen in the Czech Republic! Why you ask??? I don’t have any idea!! LOL I didn’t chose the destination, Matt did.
Well here is his reason. Plzen is the city were Pilzen is made. here is more info
well, now you know one of the reason… The other one. It is Army celebration day in the Czech Republic and there is a bunch of military dude that are meeting not too far from Plzen, and well I am dropping off, Matt and the boys down there! Yes… DROPPING them off. NO way, I am going there and watching tanks and random military machine going around in circle! (No really I don’t have any idea of what’s going on in those days, so don’t trust me… really trust me… I don’t know nothing about it!)
See that’s the poster for it… I mean who would want to go to see Tanks and more tanks, and you know… heavy machinery shooting random target!!! NOPE…. Not me!


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