Hohenschwangau Bavaria

First published June 23 2011
Neuschwanstein Germany!! Or should I say the Sleeping Beauty Castle aka place that was built by Crazy Ludwig (Second of the name but First of the crazy, or maybe not)! No offend intended we all have some of those members in our family, and if you think you don’t they are probably buried in a long lost closet somewhere in a deep forest!!
Anyway, since it is one of the most visited castle in Germany we thought that
it was something we needed to do. So since we were in Bavaria, we decided to go there. Well what I didn’t know is that his parents had a little “vacation castle” next door!! LOL
So when we arrived and saw how long the line was to get to the Neuschwanstein Castle we decided to go ahead and go visit the “Parents” residence “Hohenschwangau” and then after eating lunch go to the White castle up the hill!! Well this decision was made BEFORE the cloud came and ruined everything for us!!
As you can see in the pictures it was a pretty sunny day to begin with… unfortunately
it change to rain storm pouring down on us as we were exiting the guided tour of the castle.
However we had some fun (as fun as a 30mn tour in a rush with a Guide who
spoke with a very thick German accent, and doesn’t let you take ANY pictures inside!!)
So we decided that we will come back another day when the tourist season isn’t at its peak
and hopefully we will be able to go to the Sleeping Beauty Castle to find out if
Ludwig was that crazy or only a Genius to want to live in such a paradise of a place!!

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