Mont Saint Michel

Another sweet video about one of the “World Wonders” (I know I am going to probably show my age here, but once upon a time, they used to have only 7)
Anyway, if you have ever wanted to visit, or just for the beauty and history of it… Here is a little video for you.
BTW, did you knew that Mt St Michel is always being argued over by the two region that are on each side of the Bay? Normandy or Brittany, they both claimed it at one time or another.

Historically speaking it was giving to Brittany Duchy in 867 by the King of the Franks. Then back again to Normandy in 933.
But the way I was explain when I was a young girl (true or not… I don’t think it is, but I thought it was kind of funny so here it is) The Mont is located at the mouth of the Couesnon River, it has “moving sand” (no not the kind that you see in Indiana Jones movie) . It is an island and depending of the tide, the river will change from East to West of the Month. If the river was East of the Island the Mont was part of the Brittany region, if it was West of the Mont then it was part of the Normandy region. (See… I think it is way more funny for a kid to remember that it was part of Brittany and Normandy like that!) 😉
But really it has so much more history… you need to go and visit it during your stay in France. It’s only about 4 hours from Paris so if you don’t have the time, you can do a day trip. (A very quick day trip)
But believe me, it is worth it. Every step is worth of the view the you will see from the Abbey. Every corner of the Abbey is beautiful.. Just a MUST on your list of place to visit.
Oh and below is another video with some beautiful view of the inside of the Abbey! Enjoy!!


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