We are in Rome. Of course on our way there, Matt had to get a HUGE allergy reaction to the pollution in the air. So just to make sure that he was OK, we started up next to the St Sebastian Catacombs. We were lucky enough to be greeted by a nice Roman delivery man, who warned us about guys that were breaking in cars to steal whatever was in cars. So, since I already had visited those Catacomb, I stayed in the car while Matt, the kids and my mother went to visit the church and catacombs. I was reading my book when this happen, couldn’t resist!

Matt after his little visit under ground, was feeling much better with his allergy
and so we went on the discovery of Rome for the day.
We found a garage not too far from the Coliseum, and since it was already lunch time, stopped at a little restaurant and watch Gladiator walking up and down the street.

Our kids were having a good old time!Meanwhile I was very impressed by the way Romans parked! Gotta love this!It was so funny watching those Italian Gladiator calling on cute girls that walked by them.We did do the tour of the Coliseum which was amazing to go back for me!Then we walked across from it to the old ruinHad to take a picture with the little family.
Next to the Garage, my mother playing with the birds! LOL



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