I am part of the “Heidelberg Community and Spouses’ Club” and there is a group that meet to discover the surrounding area towns. I have been asked to organize one outing to Dinkelsbuhl, and since I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into, I took the family there for a little outing on a weekend. But here are a few information of what I gather before going there!
This town look a lot like Rothenburg ob der Tauber, but without the tourist hordesIt is a very similar town, except that we can’t walk on the surrounding city wall.
Dinkelsbühl has old churches, half-timbered houses, fountains,
massive city gates and annual pageantry. Four major gates, the Rothenburger Tor, the Segringer Tor, the Nördlinger Tor,
and the oldest, the Wörnitzer Tor.On the other side of town there are two massive half-timbered granaries. One of them is still used as the town’s youth hostel. Also worth seeing are the Capuchin monastery and the Dreikönigskapelle (Three Kings Chapel).And after wandering through Dinkelsbühl, and enjoying its medieval charm, stop at one of the many restaurants serving hearty German fare and a well-brewed beer.Spring is coming up soon, we can see blooms coming out of the ground,
and it is such a pretty sign of mother Nature waking up! Love it!!We had fun walking around town and the kids were just being silly all over town!

But we did had enough informations for the purpose that made me come here.
So we headed home for a much needed cup of HOT soup!OH and when we came home we discovered that the full moon was one of the largest moon in the year!! Way cool!!!



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