Girl Scout Passport to Pisa

Morgane Girl Scout troop went to the Passport to Pisa event, and it was a great adventure.
We left on the Thursday morning (very early) and drove all day from Heidelberg to Pisa. Passing through Switzerland, and then off to Pisa. It was late in the day when we finally arrived.  On the next day we went for a little discovery of Pisa. The girls had a great time holding the tower.
Some went up to the top but I already did that, so Morgane, her friend Alexis and I went to visit the “Camposanto”. It is a very pretty building and even though it is a cemetery, it is a very interesting and beautiful building. White Marble with Fresco and gorgeous arches. We went to pick up the Leader who skipped the long drive down because her daughter and herself were sick, but they were ready to go ahead and had fun. We drove to Lucca. Walked around the town with the girls, had some fun time jumping and posing with their friends.
Lucca is a definite place to stop by, and walk around.The next day the girls had activities and Morgane went to Volterra. The drive was long, but the village is gorgeous. It was Market day, so pretty busy without the tourist already, and then we took off and drove to the Agritourismo that we are going to rent for Spring break. I was needed to drop of our deposit, but wanted also to visit it and chose our apartment. It was a fun drive and even though it was a LONG drive, turning, up & down,
turning some more and finally arrived at our destination… We then headed back to Pisa and took the Scenic Mediterranean route!
It was the end of the day so I had to take that pictures, just because of the colors. It was a very interesting and fun weekend. We did experience some… not so pleasant event, but that is to happen with too many girls/women in the same spot at the same time! LOL!!
However those Girl’s Leader are AMAZING, Morgane is so happy to belong to this troop.

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