Michelstadt Christmas Market

Awww, let me talk to you about Michelstadt. I have heard about this little town since we arrived in Germany. And people have told me to go there several times. I knew of a pretty impressive Easter Market, but also that the Christmas Market was a MUST to go too! So… guess what?? Well we went! LOL

“All the cute smokers decoration (I really need to start collecting those)”

“Even Free mouthful of snow”
And, it didn’t disappoint us a bit. It was so cool, well first we went with good friends, so… what else do one have to ask for? But they had some Yummy snacks and of course the eternal Gluhwein with lots of different shot of liquor. The guys had a blessed time!! And it was a good thing that I was driving too he?


Anyway, here is a little adventure to the Michelstadt Market. Snow, snowball fight with Miss Charm’s window (remember Larry?) and lot of warm beverage!!And a very needed WARM Charming Sandwich!!!


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