Capturing Magic: Visiting towns Giverny 1st Part

Giverny will be our first stop after our Paris excursion. Sign up for the tourclos-normand-2

You can visit Monet’s house virtually to just make you want to join our tour!! Who wouldn’t want to see the house of such an amazing painter? clos-normand-1
Since we will be there in the end of May, the Iris will be blooming. We will be able to take our time to admire not only his house, but his garden. The end of Spring will make us be able to enjoy so much varieties of flowers.

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Monet had the spirit of a painter and throughout his house you can enjoy bold painted room. Beautiful Japanese print on the walls as well as so many more art piece. You can imagine what it would have been to live during his lifetime. It is a step back in time and pure enjoyment of the senses!
The water garden is something to be able to visit. It is a beauty and since we will be arriving hopefully mid morning, so that we can enjoy many hours visiting. I believe that the last time I was there the smell were just amazing. It is too bad that we can’t just bottle up spring smell from the Giverny’s Garden. giverny-japanese-bridge-2


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