2011 New Year Celebration

New Year Eve celebration was amazing this year. We went to Miss Charm’s apartment because we knew that will have the BEST place to be to admire the Firework display. We had a very nice dinner and then we enjoyed a quiet evening talking with such nice people. Then of course when we saw that Midnight was heading our way, we stepped outside to look at the display!!! And WHAOHHHH. The only thing that is missing from the pictures are the sounds, not just the Firework display sound, but the bells of the church sound. Every church in town rang!! It was so cool!!!We weren’t expecting THAT much of a show. We weren’t disappointed!! If you ever want to go to Downtown Heidelberg, make sure that you drive VERY VERY slowly when you are heading home after the fireworks, because those Germans are CRAZY nuts. Getting Fireworks in the street, even when cars are driving on that street or coming toward them.
I thought that we would for sure have our own space shuttle with the number of dudes that were trying to shoot us down (or up for that matter)!
Anyway…. Happy New year!! (even if it a little late!) LOL

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