Rothenburg ob der Taubus

Finally we took the kids there. They loved it! Rafael was SO happy, he just had his New Nintendo and he could take pictures with it too! So… Needless to say that instead of one photographer in our family we had two! LOL
I had a very fun and pleasant meeting with a German gentleman. I was taking a picture for a project that I am doing, and he saw me and started talking to me (in German obviously) and I explained to him that I am French and that my German is “nicht gut”, I told him to wait and got Damien to call his dad to the rescue. By the time Matt arrive, the guy turn to me and said in perfect French: “How amazing it is to have people realize that it is the little details that make the big pictures of a beautiful town!” Matt and I were just amazed, he then said in German that he uses to be able to speak French better (we were like: What do you mean better?) LOL!!! We had a nice talk with him about Architecture and History of towns, and….

Then we went on our merry way! But it was fun!!It was a little cold, but not too much so we went and got some goodies at a local coffee shop, Hot chocolate, and enjoy the sunset there.


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