Thin Tower Heidelberg

One of my many remorse about thing in my life is sometime not having enough time to spend with friends. I love being around nice people that enjoy the same things in life that I do, and that make me smile. I felt pretty bad for Alan, because he was often home alone. Since Miss Charm is working like a nutcracker, he can only enjoy his big sister’s company after work. So… I one day volunteer to take him around. First we stopped at Rafael’s Award ceremony, and then we went for Lunch with Miss Charm (close to her work so that she wouldn’t have to lose precious time driving around) and then we drove to the “Thin Tower” area. Overlooking Heidelberg, and just took a few minutes to shoot some pictures. Of course, I had to get back home because Rafael was coming home from school, but… We did have a good time, shooting and being silly!!! Hope next time he come in town I will have more time to drive him around and show him all those cool place that I didn’t have time to show him!

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