Schwetzingen Garden Snow

I am having a love affair with the Schwetzingen castle ground (mind you I NEVER visited the inside of the castle as yet! LOL) So when I saw this beautiful sunshine after our first “real” snow, I took my camera, put on my boots, drove to the parking and walked around for 2 hours. I LOVE this place. I Love it even better when I don’t have to share it with anyone. And for whatever reason, I guess the Germans don’t like to go out in the snow!! I LOVE it!!

I even was surprised by meeting a little girl that I know!! Of course she was just showing the garden to her Grandmother who came all the way from California to visit for the winter!! But it was fun to run into Shaunna and Aurora and their guest!!

I am pretty sure Shaunna took some amazing pictures are well!! Typical artist that she is, you can even go and see it yourself: Captivus: Winter in Germany


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