The Hills are alive

How fun my last week was…
So as I mentioned in my previous post, I was going to a trip with my friend Miss Charm. Italy was the destination. Hotel was in Castelnuovo Di Garda, not too far from Verona. Hotel was also next to Gardaland, which is similar as Six Flags or something like that (since I have never been to Six Flags or to Gardaland, I am not a very good specialist to tell you about neither one! LOL
Anyway. We left on Sunday morning, drove toward Switzerland where Miss Charm HAD to sing the song! You know the one with The hills are alive with the sound of music
…. Ladi lada!! Well I am sorry to report that Miss Charm, who (don’t get me wrong here) has a beautiful voice, didn’t sound that good. LOL! As soon as we passed the border, here came the sound of music. LOL (which I could totally envision Miss Charm doing exactly what this chick is going to do)I thought it was so funny!! Anyway… enough singing. So here we are in rainy germany going down in rainy Switzerland, and as soon as we pass the San Bernadino Tunnel.
It was AMAZING how sunshine could change the look of a panorama such as the mountain. Something that was Pretty became Gorgeous. So then after a long ride. We made it to the hotel, and were greeted by a beautiful view of the sunset. Checked in, settled in and went to rest after a long day! The next morning, Miss Charm had her conference to attempt to. So I took off and went on a discovery of the area. I asked the front desk as where I could find some cool site and the young woman said that I should go to see “Salo” “Moniga” “Sirmione” “Lazise” and “Garda”. So I decided to go on the West side of the lake the destination was “Salo”. I took the small road that leaded there. I saw some very beautiful view and discover a little town just before Salo.
San Felice del Benaco. So cute. I parked the car and then walked toward the church. When I grew up, we always use to go visit churches, and I realized that one can always find the most beautiful art in European churches. I wasn’t disappointed with San Felice’s church.
From the outside the church didn’t look so great. But as you stepped inside, it was something completely different. “…should point out the Parish Church of Saints Felice and Adauto, which houses an altar piece by the Brescian painter Romanino in the apse, and also has an isolated bell tower from the Scaligero castle tower of which there remain only a few parts of the wall.Of notable interest also is the Santuario della Madonna del Carmine, built in 1452 in the late gothic style. On the extreme point of the promontory stands the little church of San Fermo from the XV century, built on the ruins of a large Roman villa.”
I went to visit the cemetery since it was just right there. And was surprise to see how small it was and the fact that they didn’t have many tombstones. As you can see in the pictures, most of the graves are on top of each other. Probably to keep the cemetery small and inside the city next to the church, but that is again pure speculation on my part.
Anyway, here are a few of the pics that I took over my little first escapade in the morning/early afternoon. Hope you enjoy them.
Beautiful Panorama over the Lake, just pure beauty.


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