Business Cards

While I was doing those flyers I decided to redesign my business card. SO in the spirit of Keeping calm… This is my new business card! What do you all think?

HerminePhotoBusiness Card Layer copy




Advertisment Flyers

So I finally decided that I needed to advertised my services. So I went ahead and designed this! What do you all think? (oh and go down under the flyer, cause I designed the “back” of the flyer for my realtor to be able to use it as “art wall”.)

Hermine Flyer

Shoot in North Liberty

untouch (1 of 1)       IMG_4386

Another pretty house in North Liberty with Jessica. Wanted to share the pictures of the before and after of the outdoor. Cause I am not suppose to be taking signs in my picture. I couldn’t remove the signs because the ground was frozen and it was just too difficult to pull out!! And then I was like… If I take those down, how lucky will I be to be able to place them back at the same place!!! So… I just Photoshopped them out! Cause it was easier!
And I am also sharing some of the inside. Because I love the job that Jessica’s Staging lady does! So here:


Shoot in Keota

Another super cute house for one of my favorite realtor Jessica.
She has so many super cute houses in small town Iowa. I just love this one! how perfect is this? I though I would show you what the difference is with and without snow. Jessica is always on top of it and will reschedule seasonal reshoot. Which in this case doesn’t show much, but believe me, it can make a difference on the market.          IMG_5363

And then the inside was super cute. Even though they weren’t done with the paint job, but I loved the fact that it wasn’t all gray… need some colors in your life don’t you think?

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