Hermine Travel

e042d-img_5483I have been working on a major project.

I graduated way way back in France (1989) with a diploma in Audio-Visual. I have always been taking pictures. I love having a camera in my hand. I love being able to record life as it happen at the moment. Being able to revisit it later and remember memories.

In 1994 I graduated with a Travel Agent diploma, and even though I have never been working as a travel agent. I love the idea of traveling. Discovering part of the world and different culture.

When we moved in Germany, and I volunteered with the USO, I discovered that I loved doing guiding. I love being able to take people to France and show them where I came from. French history, culture, food… You name it. I love being able to get people to know what France is all about.

So I decided to start something that will combine the two things I love.
Photography and taking small group of individual to tour France, but also part of Europe.
Matt (my husband) want to join the fun, and I thought he would be perfect for taking people who are interested in WWII/D-Day and military history. He has such great knowledge of the history of WWII and military battles and things. I thought he would be great to take people on tour.

So we are planning to take small group 8 to 16 people max. This way we can make sure that the tours are of all the things that they want to see.