Private Travel Tour

I used to take people to France while I was volunteering for the USO, or just taking friends on shopping trip to Strasbourg when we were stationed in Heidelberg Germany from 2009-2013.

This time triggered a dream for me. To take small group to France and make them see what I have seen all my life. Visiting place that aren’t on the most touristic tour guide. To realized that there is more to France than Paris. To visit the small typical villages and centuries old ruins that tell the story of France and it’s people.
I am now combining my love of taking pictures and traveling and offering small group a unique travel experience.
Needless to say that I am passionate to be able to take you and to show you my beautiful France.

Right now I am planning a private tour for a lovely lady and her artist client. I have so much fun ready to be seen. As I am planning and searching for this group I discover many more little gems hidden in the countryside of Normandy.
If you are interested to have your own personalized tour done for you, and guided  with a native of France. Feel free to contact me.ff603-img_5754



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