Riding on Tricky

So Matt decided to go on a ride and for once I agreed to accompany him. First we had to fill up. It was a beautiful evening. The funny part was that his bike got overheated and we had to stop and stay for a while on the side of the road. The nice part was that we had a gorgeous view of the sunset on the Neckar River in Heidelberg.

This is one of the reason we love leaving in Europe. It is so nice to just being able to pop in and go enjoy the view of a beautiful town.


Heidelberg Castel Illuminations

Miss Charm has the most beautiful view of Heidelberg. So needless to say that when she invite us to come for grill and view of the Fireworks display. We all jump and say: Oh YEAH!!!

If you haven’t had the chance to go to one. There is one every month during the summer months. so check out the Heidelberg city website (tourist office) and you’ll find the date.


HCSC Photography Group

Heidelberg Community and Spouse Club have numerous little groups that we can join.

One of them is the Photo-club. It is more like an “online” group as we talk on Facebook and share pictures. But we sometime, meet-up for some Photo-shoot.

Kim is the “Leader” of the group and is amazing with photo taking,

she is incredible and is truly gifted with ANYTHING Photography related!

One word come to my head when I think of her: SICK, she is just SICK!

You can follow her on her Blog here

Heidelberg Holiday Bazaar

The MWR in Heidelberg, host a Holiday Bazaar every years and the HCSC help out with all of its organization.

It is a BIG fundraising event for our little organization and is a HUGE success!

So I went around ours tents and took a few pictures of the vendor.
Just for all of future shopper out there.

Check it out, and get yourself in Heidelberg for the next one!
It is worse the trip AND it is for a good cause!


Cousin’s Visit

My cousin’s came to visit with his Girlfriend. We had a good time. I showed them around the area. We visited one of their friend who has a winery near by, in Bad Dürkheim.
Marc (my cousin) wasn’t sure if he could find the place, but sure enough with a little googling, we found it! Drove there and arrive as the “Schnapps” was getting out of the distillery machine.

Just the Vapor will turn you drunk. It was hilarious! We got invited to lunch which was amazing. It was kind of interesting as the family don’t speak much French or English, so lots of translation at the dinner table. But Man, that Oma could cook! I need to go back and ask her for the recipe.

If you ever want to get some pretty good wine from the Moselle valley. Stop to their place and visit. I normally don’t like wine, but believe me… It was YUMMY!!

Then I took them to Heidelberg, we took Rafael and went to the castle.

And had a great time. I just LOVE this castle. Just so pretty!!

Another day we took them to Ladenburg. For those of you who have been to my previous post, you KNOW I love Ladenburg. It is one of my favorite town in the area, it is such a cute little town. : Anne’s Blog: Ladenburg Cruising Everyone that ever went there, Love it!! Beside they have great restaurant and great history. Anne’s Blog: Ladenburg

So needless to say that we went several time there BUT it was the first time that we took the way that we took.

We ended up accross from Ladenburg with a BIG river in between our car and the town…
so we were like: hmm!!! Oh OK!!!
But… a boat was coming up to take us across. And let me tell you. It was so cool!!

That boat was so old it still had the old system to drag the boat from one side of the river to the other side! See?? Just interesting he??

Fall Play

Today was a perfect time for some pictures taking.
Especially since the kids were in a fall cleanup mode! It was so funny.

All of the kids (under 10) in our neighborhood, decided to gather leafs into
a HUGE pile and then to jump in it!

Needless to say that it took a LONG time to get a pile high enough for the kids to jump from a picnic table into it without breaking their neck, but…

they made it and did enjoy a lot of jumping and laughing. You can see how much Rafael had fun!!

Heidelberg Christmas Market

Christmas Market Season is kicking in!! I really love this time of year.

Not for the Cold walk in crowded street, but just because it is an opportunity for me
to take some pictures. And eat Crepes! LOL

So we took the kids and went to discover Heidelberg Christmas Market. And while we drove there, it started to snow! Yep… So imagine, we are all bundled up, but it was not THAT cold when we left home, and… we left, with snow all over!! So cool!! (and cold)

Lucky Santa was in a HEATED cabin, waiting for the kids to come and sit on his laps! Just took a quick picture before he spotted me and put me on the VIP NAUGHTY List! LOL

Awwwww!!! Yummy Crepes!!! Look at those Nutella Jars on the fridge in the back!
Rafael ask for one! LOL He is such a European boy for that!Last picture I took while waiting for Matt to come back from his MANY Gluewein refill stops!

Thin Tower Heidelberg

One of my many remorse about thing in my life is sometime not having enough time to spend with friends. I love being around nice people that enjoy the same things in life that I do, and that make me smile. I felt pretty bad for Alan, because he was often home alone. Since Miss Charm is working like a nutcracker, he can only enjoy his big sister’s company after work. So… I one day volunteer to take him around. First we stopped at Rafael’s Award ceremony, and then we went for Lunch with Miss Charm (close to her work so that she wouldn’t have to lose precious time driving around) and then we drove to the “Thin Tower” area. Overlooking Heidelberg, and just took a few minutes to shoot some pictures. Of course, I had to get back home because Rafael was coming home from school, but… We did have a good time, shooting and being silly!!! Hope next time he come in town I will have more time to drive him around and show him all those cool place that I didn’t have time to show him!

2011 New Year Celebration

New Year Eve celebration was amazing this year. We went to Miss Charm’s apartment because we knew that will have the BEST place to be to admire the Firework display. We had a very nice dinner and then we enjoyed a quiet evening talking with such nice people. Then of course when we saw that Midnight was heading our way, we stepped outside to look at the display!!! And WHAOHHHH. The only thing that is missing from the pictures are the sounds, not just the Firework display sound, but the bells of the church sound. Every church in town rang!! It was so cool!!!We weren’t expecting THAT much of a show. We weren’t disappointed!! If you ever want to go to Downtown Heidelberg, make sure that you drive VERY VERY slowly when you are heading home after the fireworks, because those Germans are CRAZY nuts. Getting Fireworks in the street, even when cars are driving on that street or coming toward them.
I thought that we would for sure have our own space shuttle with the number of dudes that were trying to shoot us down (or up for that matter)!
Anyway…. Happy New year!! (even if it a little late!) LOL