HCSC Photography Group

Heidelberg Community and Spouse Club have numerous little groups that we can join.

One of them is the Photo-club. It is more like an “online” group as we talk on Facebook and share pictures. But we sometime, meet-up for some Photo-shoot.

Kim is the “Leader” of the group and is amazing with photo taking,

she is incredible and is truly gifted with ANYTHING Photography related!

One word come to my head when I think of her: SICK, she is just SICK!

You can follow her on her Blog here


Heidelberg Holiday Bazaar

The MWR in Heidelberg, host a Holiday Bazaar every years and the HCSC help out with all of its organization.

It is a BIG fundraising event for our little organization and is a HUGE success!

So I went around ours tents and took a few pictures of the vendor.
Just for all of future shopper out there.

Check it out, and get yourself in Heidelberg for the next one!
It is worse the trip AND it is for a good cause!


Motorcycle Show Manheim

So one day Matt came up and told me that we could go to a “Motorcycle” show…

Oki-Doki, so we took our family to the event and… saw a lot of… Motorcycle stuff!!
Way.. Cool!! Yeah!!

I played with Morgane’s eyes via Photoshop, I know it doesn’t have ANYTHING related to the show…

But… Hey, I am not THAT much into Motorcycle!!
OH and BTW. We did found the PERFECT accessory for his sidecar, can you guess what it is??

I’ll let you know another day! LOL

Fall Play

Today was a perfect time for some pictures taking.
Especially since the kids were in a fall cleanup mode! It was so funny.

All of the kids (under 10) in our neighborhood, decided to gather leafs into
a HUGE pile and then to jump in it!

Needless to say that it took a LONG time to get a pile high enough for the kids to jump from a picnic table into it without breaking their neck, but…

they made it and did enjoy a lot of jumping and laughing. You can see how much Rafael had fun!!

Colmar with Friends

Colmar is a very beautiful town to cruise in! I took my friend and fellow photographer Jenn and her family there one day, and we went around and… took some pictures (obviously) Aren’t they cute??

The décor from the Christmas season were still in place, but… not the busy street (which I love) Morgane came with us as well and it was a fun day with good laughing time. Jenn’s husband and daughter are giving her lots of teasing because of pictures that she takes,
and pointed at a waterspout for her to take picture of! AH!!! See how funny he is! (LOL)

Needless to say that he was miserable with not only one but two photographer taking pictures of everything and nothing! LOL

2011 New Year Celebration

New Year Eve celebration was amazing this year. We went to Miss Charm’s apartment because we knew that will have the BEST place to be to admire the Firework display. We had a very nice dinner and then we enjoyed a quiet evening talking with such nice people. Then of course when we saw that Midnight was heading our way, we stepped outside to look at the display!!! And WHAOHHHH. The only thing that is missing from the pictures are the sounds, not just the Firework display sound, but the bells of the church sound. Every church in town rang!! It was so cool!!!We weren’t expecting THAT much of a show. We weren’t disappointed!! If you ever want to go to Downtown Heidelberg, make sure that you drive VERY VERY slowly when you are heading home after the fireworks, because those Germans are CRAZY nuts. Getting Fireworks in the street, even when cars are driving on that street or coming toward them.
I thought that we would for sure have our own space shuttle with the number of dudes that were trying to shoot us down (or up for that matter)!
Anyway…. Happy New year!! (even if it a little late!) LOL

Heidelberg Walk

Jennifer is a brand new teacher for the High School here. And it was the last day that we could have lunch date with her. So we went to Heidelberg and had a very nice lunch at a local restaurant. We walk to the little restaurant “Bier Brezel” on the Haupstrasse and sat down for some soup and flatbread pizza.

It was delicious, and they had a neat décor too! Anyway, I had my camera so… guess what?? I took some pictures!! 😉

Baden Baden Christmas Market

Baden Baden is a very pretty town to cruise in. Spring, summer, fall and even winter under a foot of fresh snow, it is just so pretty. You won’t like the snow filled street if you don’t like snow, but… I found it that it is one of my favorite cities in the area. It is a little … Snob, for my taste, but… I am sure it is to the liking of some people’s wallet (not mine though, LOL) “Some people like meat pie, well when you don’t have anything else, just eat snow pie”
It took us a LONG time to arrive, probably because it was the LAST weekend of the Christmas Market, and that people were merry and enjoying their family. It was a Christmas wonderland all around. The going around with the car SUCKED, but.. Once we were on our feet walking around it was just fun. So many opportunities for cool pictures. We even got the chance to go to the “Bath house” and get some much needed warmth!!“Morgane tried her best to stay all bundled up and warm, but it didn’t work that well!”

We took Miss Charm and her visiting little brother Alan, and we had a good time. Making him taste the local “delicious” food (Bratwurst) and the so delicious Gluhwein (and HOT chocolate)

Girl Scout Passport to Pisa

Morgane Girl Scout troop went to the Passport to Pisa event, and it was a great adventure.
We left on the Thursday morning (very early) and drove all day from Heidelberg to Pisa. Passing through Switzerland, and then off to Pisa. It was late in the day when we finally arrived.  On the next day we went for a little discovery of Pisa. The girls had a great time holding the tower.
Some went up to the top but I already did that, so Morgane, her friend Alexis and I went to visit the “Camposanto”. It is a very pretty building and even though it is a cemetery, it is a very interesting and beautiful building. White Marble with Fresco and gorgeous arches. We went to pick up the Leader who skipped the long drive down because her daughter and herself were sick, but they were ready to go ahead and had fun. We drove to Lucca. Walked around the town with the girls, had some fun time jumping and posing with their friends.
Lucca is a definite place to stop by, and walk around.The next day the girls had activities and Morgane went to Volterra. The drive was long, but the village is gorgeous. It was Market day, so pretty busy without the tourist already, and then we took off and drove to the Agritourismo that we are going to rent for Spring break. I was needed to drop of our deposit, but wanted also to visit it and chose our apartment. It was a fun drive and even though it was a LONG drive, turning, up & down,
turning some more and finally arrived at our destination… We then headed back to Pisa and took the Scenic Mediterranean route!
It was the end of the day so I had to take that pictures, just because of the colors. It was a very interesting and fun weekend. We did experience some… not so pleasant event, but that is to happen with too many girls/women in the same spot at the same time! LOL!!
However those Girl’s Leader are AMAZING, Morgane is so happy to belong to this troop.