First published June 21 2011

During our little vacation in Bavaria with the kids, we stopped in Dachau. I thought it was important for my children to understand the atrocity of what Nazi Germans did to Jewish and other people during WWII. Dauchau official website

My children tend to be very sensitive to bad energy. So I rarely take them to places where I know will have energies that will disturb them.

this was taken in one of the barrack. It was filled with prisoner all the way to the top. And you could see pictures of what it looked like during the war.

Barbwire that surrounded the camp and the barracks area.

Gas chamber. This area was the most painful place to see. They had pictures all over and Rafael who is 9, asked to leave because it made him unhappy. I was tearing up.

We walked back to the entry/exit of the camp slowly and tried to make our children that even though it isn’t a place for everyone to visit. That it was important to understand what humans can do to other’s just because they are different, because they don’t think the same way of the government. Because they ask question. I told them that they HAVE to ASK question. They HAVE to know what was to make what will be a better place! And hopefully this will never happen again.


Schwetzingen Blossom

The cherry trees are in bloom. It is as usual beautiful. We went several time, had too, it is just so pretty…So here are a few pictures of those times. You can see that the flowers give joy to the people who are admiring! It is so cool!! We came upon a group of girls that were dress up in “Manga” characters and that were taking pictures of themselves! Morgane was so excited!! She loves Manga and that was like heaven for her!!
Love is in the air you can see lover’s enjoying the beauty of spring. On our way out we cruised in Schwetzingen and everyone were enjoying the nice weather. Eating out is starting and it is so neat!!

Strasbourg Outing

Summer time is the perfect time to go visit Strasbourg. It is a beautiful town with lots of things to see and to do. So when Charmaine’s family Pam and Vidhu came to Heidelberg, I took the 3 of them to Strasbourg for some visiting and some shopping. We stopped at a local restaurant and had some nice traditional food. Lots of little shop in the center near the cathedral. And beautiful little house!!!

Strasbourg Cathedral
Needless to say that it was a beautiful and fun day. With beautiful and fun ladies.
It was great. Thanks Charmaine, Pam and Vidhu… we just need to do it again!

Ladenburg Cruising

I know you must be pretty tired aboutme taking trip to Ladenburg. But it is such a pretty town (and only 20 mns from where we are) that I try to go there as often as I can. Here are a few pics that I took while visiting it with Vidhu (Miss Charm’s niece)
AND I was able to finally made it “Protestant” church. I have been there several time and it was the first time that I found it open! I was SO happy!!!

One of the thing that I love about this town, is that building that were built in this century do not look out of place next to the old Timber houses. The residents have been able to maintain somekind of balance with the architecture.

Miss Vidhu in the “Catholic” church.

I love the refelctions that the sun made with the colors of the windows.

And as usual September is a great time to visit any town in the area. All the flowers are still blooming and the colors are just gorgeous!!

Haguenau HCSC Day-Tripper

I have joined a club. The Heidelberg Community and Spouse Club. And belonging to the club also made me part of different small group. One is the “Daytripper” a small group that go to different towns and visit or shop or visit… or shop some more! LOL

So when I saw that every year in Haguenau they had a “Braderie” which is a HUGE market with lots of differents types of goods. I thought it could be perfect for the group. So after talking it over we decided to go.

We were lucky enough to not have any rain. But it was a little chili (well, what do we need to expect for Fall)

It was funny because the Market area wasn’t too crowded, and the town on its own, was not at all! So we enjoyed shopping but visiting the town of Haguenau, and it was fun to go out with those ladies.

HCSC Photography Group

Heidelberg Community and Spouse Club have numerous little groups that we can join.

One of them is the Photo-club. It is more like an “online” group as we talk on Facebook and share pictures. But we sometime, meet-up for some Photo-shoot.

Kim is the “Leader” of the group and is amazing with photo taking,

she is incredible and is truly gifted with ANYTHING Photography related!

One word come to my head when I think of her: SICK, she is just SICK!

You can follow her on her Blog here

Heidelberg Holiday Bazaar

The MWR in Heidelberg, host a Holiday Bazaar every years and the HCSC help out with all of its organization.

It is a BIG fundraising event for our little organization and is a HUGE success!

So I went around ours tents and took a few pictures of the vendor.
Just for all of future shopper out there.

Check it out, and get yourself in Heidelberg for the next one!
It is worse the trip AND it is for a good cause!


Motorcycle Show Manheim

So one day Matt came up and told me that we could go to a “Motorcycle” show…

Oki-Doki, so we took our family to the event and… saw a lot of… Motorcycle stuff!!
Way.. Cool!! Yeah!!

I played with Morgane’s eyes via Photoshop, I know it doesn’t have ANYTHING related to the show…

But… Hey, I am not THAT much into Motorcycle!!
OH and BTW. We did found the PERFECT accessory for his sidecar, can you guess what it is??

I’ll let you know another day! LOL

Cousin’s Visit

My cousin’s came to visit with his Girlfriend. We had a good time. I showed them around the area. We visited one of their friend who has a winery near by, in Bad Dürkheim.
Marc (my cousin) wasn’t sure if he could find the place, but sure enough with a little googling, we found it! Drove there and arrive as the “Schnapps” was getting out of the distillery machine.

Just the Vapor will turn you drunk. It was hilarious! We got invited to lunch which was amazing. It was kind of interesting as the family don’t speak much French or English, so lots of translation at the dinner table. But Man, that Oma could cook! I need to go back and ask her for the recipe.

If you ever want to get some pretty good wine from the Moselle valley. Stop to their place and visit. I normally don’t like wine, but believe me… It was YUMMY!!

Then I took them to Heidelberg, we took Rafael and went to the castle.

And had a great time. I just LOVE this castle. Just so pretty!!

Another day we took them to Ladenburg. For those of you who have been to my previous post, you KNOW I love Ladenburg. It is one of my favorite town in the area, it is such a cute little town. : Anne’s Blog: Ladenburg Cruising Everyone that ever went there, Love it!! Beside they have great restaurant and great history. Anne’s Blog: Ladenburg

So needless to say that we went several time there BUT it was the first time that we took the way that we took.

We ended up accross from Ladenburg with a BIG river in between our car and the town…
so we were like: hmm!!! Oh OK!!!
But… a boat was coming up to take us across. And let me tell you. It was so cool!!

That boat was so old it still had the old system to drag the boat from one side of the river to the other side! See?? Just interesting he??